Meet our Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Abdullah Almulaifi:

Obesity is one of the health problems that has imposed itself on societies and the GCCs. Statistics show that Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia has the highest incidence among the Arabian Gulf region.

The different lifestyle, variety of daily food components, Movement and sports are the main causes of the spread of obesity.

Studies have shown that OBESITY could cause a person to be at risk of losing 10 years of age less than normal population. Studies have shown that strict diet and appetite reduction drugs alone could not be effective in morbidly obese people, as the risk of diet failure can reach as high as 70%.


Therefore, currently the interventional approach to assist this group of patients to lose their body fat is to go through one of these 2 effective method:

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Intragastric Balloon


Gastric Sleeve: it is a modern surgical operation that appeared more than five years ago and called this name because it changes the shape of the stomach to resembles the sleeves of clothing. The large stomach changed into of a smaller size in which it looks like a tube or a (banana). When cutting the stomach in a longitudinal way and keeping the rest of it as a tube shape, this causes weight reduction by decreasing the amount of food that fills the remnant of the stomach, and works as well to reduce the hormone (Ghrelin). Ghrelin hormone is produced by the part of the stomach that is removed surgically, and it is responsible for increasing the appetite of the patient which leads to increasing the desire for food. Recent studies confirm that Sleeve Surgery is becoming as the first option for obese patients.


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